We try new things because we like challenges.
We are competitive, aspiring to the best results.
We train as a team because the joy is greater when we share it.
Ambitious until the last km, the last second of the group class or until we find the balance for the perfect asana.
We succeed, because we set out to do it!

Life is a playground and competitions are everywhere.
Be prepared to face them!

For your workouts, meditation or yoga classes, favorite classes or the most intense sports challenges, THE WOMEN'S LOCKER develops, tests and produces functional equipment, using premium materials, with support functions.
With every product we want to make sure you get ready for every new start. Ready, set, GO!

Our passion for technical performance, innovation and quality has led us to work only with superior materials for the development of your new sports equipment.
The materials used give you the comfort, safety and features you need to be prepared for the most intense physical activities.


As important as it is to protect our body, it is just as important to feel confident during training and competition.
Design Team THE WOMEN'S LOCKER designs the collections, combining fashion trends with professional technical materials used in performance sports.
Patterns are hand-crafted, developed to give you the right support in key points.


As active as we are, we believe in the “slow clothing” philosophy.
We believe in choices that bring added value, meaning and the fact that the planet must be the playground for future generations.
THE WOMEN’S LOCKER equipment is designed to withstand mechanical stress during exercise, and the production method is made more efficient by respecting sustainability criteria such as:

Production team - all THE WOMEN’S LOCKER products are tailored by qualified personnel, in the workshop in Bucharest, Romania, without the involvement of minors, the whole process being performed with maximum safety and comfort conditions.

Raw materials - together with our partners we have started an increasingly constant use of recycled yarns, both based on polyester and based on polyamide. All materials used in the design of the products have been tested for harmful substances and therefore the articles are harmless in human ecological terms being certified STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX®.

Our partners - we choose to enter into partnerships only with suppliers who share our own principles when it comes to reducing and trying to reduce pollution and production waste.

Packaging - All THE WOMEN’S LOCKER products are packed in recycled cardboard boxes and wrapped in paper

THE WOMEN'S LOCKER, is present in 5 countries via