Hours, minutes, are not always on our side. We would like the day to be 28 hours long and maybe even that would not be enough. We live in a world that is always moving fast forward, and it is not uncommon for us to neglect one of the most important pillars of our well-being - nutrition. We are sure that you happened to eat things that you later regretted or that in the locker room after training you were restrained from asking the girl with the abdomen who eats breakfast. OK. You can do it now!

In the LOCKER TALK section, Ana will publish articles and hints, answer questions so that you can reach your goals more easily and feed yourself properly.

Ana Szabadszalasi is a nutritionist accredited by the Ministry of Education and Research and is certified by the largest nutrition institute in the world: Precision Nutrition Canada . Being in love with meaning and naturalness, she put these ingredients in all the nutritional programs she creates.

Her mission is to help women break the diet cycle, lose weight forever, and feel confident and beautiful. Don't believe in diets because they don't really cause a profound change in behavior.

Ana believes that sustainable habits practiced consistently with a flexible and natural approach are the best tools we can equip ourselves with when we want to lose weight, change our body composition and maintain our results.

Lasting changes start from the inside out, from the mind to the body.

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